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February 15, 2007

Moved to New Site

Yeah, I know. I haven't posted in a l-o-n-g time, so probably few folks will be stopping by here anytime soon to discover that I've moved to a new home. Blogger has been a good friend for a long time, so I may jump back here again when I get discouraged with the limited space and CSS customization at Wordpress, when here at Blogger the space is unlimited and you can do any thing you want with code. Guess you just can't have everything.

At any rate, this means that I won't be posting here for awhile. It will take some time to manually export all my links here to there, but lots of them probably aren't good any more anyway. So, if anyone wants to keep reading ECB, I'll see ya over at my new home where I go by "luminaria." Hugs to everyone.