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May 23, 2006


Bouquet from Mom Seeking Peace

Trust gives wings to the soul's flight through pathless awareness of its being.-
John Hogue

This is my last day in Portland. It's been breathtakingly beautiful here and being with my daughter K and her fiancee and having fun every day and night. One of the warmest and most gracious suprises of my visit here was meeting Mom Seeking Peace. She phoned me and we had a wonderful visit sharing our experiences about being affected by adoption--she having given up her son and me having given up my mother. Then she brought her sons with her and handed me a big bouquet of flowers in memory of my nmom, a little bear in honor of the "little girl" still inside me, and a card that expressed things only those affected by adoption could understand. It was a wonderful meeting. It was as if my own nmom, whom I've never met, came by to give a little peace to my heart. I can't explain how warm and thoughtful MSP was and how much it meant to me to meet her.

After she left I visited her blog and realized how much we have to trust the process of life and how the human spirit can be as healing as nature herself. I don't want to go home, yet I know that the only way to live now is to trust.


Blogger HeatherRainbow said...


I used to be healed by the gorges. Trusting people is hard, though it does speak truth. Trust. In the wholeness of the universe.

Blogger Marie Jarrell said...

Heatherrainbow-for some reason your words bring tears to my eyes. Trusting the process of life isn't something that comes easily to me, but when I remember to let go and be in the moment, everything gets taken care of somehow...
Thanks for dropping by! Hugs.

Blogger Kippa Herring said...

So glad you and MSP were able to get together.
Her flowers are beautiful.

Yes, trust is a huge leap of faith for anyone. I understand why the gulf would be wider for those who've have been betrayed.

Blogger momseekingpeace said...

HI Marie,
I have just had a chance to read your blog after a few days, I have been so busy. I cried when I read your entry, I of course got as much out of meeting you. I was at the Ann Fesler booksigning and reading tonight and I kept thinking of you and how much I wish you could be there, it was a sad but healing room, one could feel the compassion and understanding and......of course the heartache.
I wish there was a way you could have more closure, it's so painful to long so deeply.
Warmly, MSP


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