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April 28, 2006

A Small Gratitude

I took a walk again today along the river with Kenya. The sky was gray but all the wonderful wild plants were in bloom, thousands of species I can't even name. I saw purple thistle, yellow mustard, mugwort, milkweed, radium weed, nettle, and skunkweed. I wished I'd brought my camera to share the color and beauty. Always my soul feels lightened and cleansed when I walk in nature. But my heart always feels heavy and troubled because of world conditions and my own adoptee grief.

I happened to find Yes magazine's wonderful story that illustrates something called "ecopsychology" another version of this story can be found on Alternet.com).Restoring nature, restoring ourselves. Something rings so true about what I find in nature when I take the time to look, listen, and open myself to its whispers. The quiet, unconditional generosity and wisdom of nature never fails to fill me with gratitude and I feel tears come from the overwhelming kindness and gentleness of the beauty and giving I find. Instead of going on about how terrible things are everywhere inside myself and outside, I think I must begin to make a difference by healing in myself and by doing something to help my Mother Earth, who I have betrayed unconsciously by my ignorance and impatience. My heart yearns to know what I can do to heal. I am ashamed at all the time I waste doing silly, meaningless things. There must be a better, saner way to live.


Blogger Kippa Herring said...

Know what you mean.
My heart leaped with the salmon when I heard they'd returned to the Thames river in London (not that I'd care to eat one. Gag. But still . . . ).
My husband and I (very queenly, huh?) used to go panning for 'finds' along the banks at low tide in the early '70's, and the state of the river was genuinely disgusting.
We still have a few 18th century tokens and coins found during our excursions to remind us of those days.

Yes, there's so much out there that's saddening, and angry-making, far beyond our own troubles. It's like overload. Sometimes we need respite.

I continue to read your blog with interest, even though I don't always comment.

Blogger Marie Jarrell said...

Oh, Kippa, you are a real blog buddy. thank you so much for your visits. it makes it all worthwhile to know someone is reading my stuff. T

hames, 18th century tokens and coins? what a blog you could write! wish you had a blog i could visit and learn more about you. anyway, i'm beginning to see a turn in my focus, which I think should begin to show up in my posts. i've always been uneven and flighty. witness: changes in capitalization; five or six blog incarnations, and now a deep thirst to begin a healing process within myself and to throw things out into the world via Empty Cereal Box so that anyone who happens by might get stimulated enough to engage in discussion, even if only briefly. oh how i go on...anyway, i want to write honestly and from the heart as much as i can, although i know i have as many blind spots as the next person.


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