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April 13, 2006

Moved Back to Blogger

Yeah, I decided that I like it better here than there. Below was my last post before I jumped ship, but I learned that some things are better left the way they are. Like the bond between natural moms and their babies. I'm going to bring my recent posts and comments over here and then continue on, so keep visiting me here as I struggle to make sense of a senseless life.

I decided that I'd use the last name that was mine at birth, Jarrell, before it was stolen from me on a falsified "legal" document. I gave myself the first name, Marie. I don't know who gave me the other first name that they say is on my OBC (original birth certificate).

------------------------Old Post from April 7-------------------------------

I'm going to keep writing about what it feels like to be adopted so I can learn and grow. A lot of the learning and growing has to do with those who leave comments and insights. The comments you guys leave are like little boxes of sunshine tied up with ribbons of stars. Thank you all for including me.

I'll continue to read as many of the wonderful adoption-related blogs out there that I can find and contribute comments to them. I think those of us adoptees and natural mothers who are expressing ourselves are helping to break the awful stigma and secrecy we've felt for so long. I think this is a valuable online community and I look forward to seeing it grow.

Let's talk.


Blogger Rhonda said...

awww, *$%&*$!!

You are the second adoptee blog I read who, in as many days, has changed locations. Myself, I just redecorate and rearrange my blog almost weekly.

Someone needs to write about adoptees always thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Snerk.

Blogger Marie Jarrell said...

I was thinking the same thing. I can't even count how many blogs I've begun and taken down. If I knew photoshop + CSS I'd probably have tripled the number by "redecorating" and "rearranging." It's an adoptee thing.

Blogger sara said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Cookie said...

Well, us birth moms are changing blog sites alot too - maybe it is genetic? I'm not techno enough to want to go to the trouble to change.

But keep writing wherever you are!


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